Welcome to Year 5!

My name is Mr Willis and I am the Year 5 class teacher. Our Year 5 teaching assistant is Mrs Higginson.


Year 5 is a time of growing independence for your children. In our classroom, children will continue to develop as individuals and also share the love of God. Planning their own liturgies and presenting to the class more frequently will allow their independence to build along with their confidence and resilience. New opportunities, such as going swimming for the first time in school, will present new ways to be challenged.

Children will be introduced to a range of great texts as class novels in order to further develop a passion for stories and reading. Modern and award-winning titles such as ‘The Boy and the Back of the Class’ will be studied alongside classics such as ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. The different topics throughout the year will encourage their passions and interests to grow in different subject areas. Please, take a look around our page to discover some of the exciting topics we are learning in Year 5 and some activities to try yourself at home. Use the knowledge organisers to study the vocabulary and help to build your child’s confidence and learning from home.

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