We recently had a parents survey - April 2024 and would like to share parents comments:


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"School and staff are excellent,exceptional,and always professional and available.They work with so
much love;we couldn't have chosen a better school than this.10 stars for St.Kentigern's"


"Mrs Harris & Mrs Hilton are just the most kind and loving teachers for my child! I wouldn’t have my
child at any other school, they are brilliant!"


"My child has become the most confident little girl since starting here and I really do believe that one
of the main reasons is because this school genuinely cares for each and every child."


"My children are nurtured and supported in both their education and their person. The staff are all
incredible. It is a wonderful school and I feel privileged that my children attend here."

"Recently my daughter expressed her concerns over her own anxiety and lack of confidence. She
asked me to speak to school because, in her words “I know there are lots of people I can talk to at
school, like Mrs Brooks or Mrs Bond, or any of the teachers really”. I also contacted her teacher who
got back me the same day to say that he will look at addressing this within PSHE time and reassured
me that school are here to support both me and my child. This is just one example of many where
the team of staff have gone above and beyond for the children in this school."


"I am extremely confident that my children are safe, happy and valued at St Kentigern’s."


"Lovely school so glad it chose us. Thank you for your continued support"

"Regarding homework, I appreciate that it is hard to fit in the whole of the curriculum in school hours,
but don’t agree with giving primary age children homework. My personal belief is that reading and
spelling should be sufficient for this age range, which is why I have chosen disagree with appropriate
level of homework. However it has always been made clear to me homework is not compulsory and I
feel supported by the school in my viewpoint."


"Class teachers are approachable and caring and want the best for my children. They clearly work
hard to get to know each individual child and my children enjoy and are happy at school. Thank you"

"Excellent teachers, my child has significantly learnt a lot this year so far, especially Maths &


"This school is just a fantastic school and even more so that my youngest will be starting at St.
Kentigern's in September. My child is hitting every mile stone and is happy all thanks to the fantastic
teachers and head teacher and all the other members of staff that makes it a fantastic school
experience for my child."


"My child has a strong sense of belonging in the school."


"The opportunities such as musical instrument lessons, football tournaments & school trips have
really helped to give a well rounded education without detracting from the core academic skills, it
seems to be a good balance."


"Overall experience:
My child often shares stories about their experience in the class highlighting interactions with
friends, teachers and support staff. Thank you for all that you do."


"My child is very happy in school."

"Well done to all staff, I can really feel their dedication, kindness, and sincerity."

"I would like to say that my child is very happy in school, she feels safe and is developing really well."

"Overall, we are more than happy with her education."

"Lovely school and all staff are so friendly and happy. My child loves school"